Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I emerged from Falmouth "tweak-less" and managed a very good run on the Monday after the race. I showed Bain and PMurph the conservation trails around my town, but many of them were overgrown. We got in about 11.5 before heading into the Atlantic to soak our aching legs.

I planned to run on Tuesday morning but instead slept in. I felt it best to rest up rather than grind through on tired legs so soon after a race. I met Karl in the evening for a run through RCP. I felt very good despite the wicked humidity. Clicked off 10.5 and then shuffled another 6 with Karl the next morning.

Later that evening, I met Karl, Dickson, Dirk and his Dutch pal for a workout at B-CC:
1600 (400), 1200 (400), 800 (400), 1600 (400), 1200 (400), 800 (400)

We kept the pace quick but not ridiculous and traded the lead throughout the reps. Until the last 800, we were all basically the same: 4:53, 3:39, 2:20, 4:53, 3:36, 2:17. I cut the cooldown short due to more tummy pain but I still ended the day with 15 miles. It was very humid out tonight; 90% and the first "short soaked" run of the year for me.

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