Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Days Off

I don't like it, but I am doing it. Red Fox doctrine states "stand down, then attack" when an injury/ailment begins to creep up. I am now standing down. I am in great shape and do not need to "push" an injury. The good news is that my leg feels better today than it did yesterday. I am not 100% yet, but I am confident I am getting better. I think I can run/race right now without any major issues, but the plan is to stamp the injury out now before it gets worse. I have not taken a day off for 7 weeks and the plan was to not take a day off until next week, but unforeseen circumstances have pursued me to change my course. I have nothing to do at the end of my day without my run. I stare out the window and long to hit the road. It must be an addiction. The addiction gets me stronger...better.

My plan now is to run Friday morning (if able) and then continue on as if nothing had happened. If I'm not 85% by tomorrow, I will take the day off and attempt to run on Saturday. This week is a wash in terms of mileage. Regardless, next week is a down week. And regardless, next Sunday I go all in.


Steve J. said...

While the down time stinks try and take some positive out of it. These few days off should help rest/recharge you and really allow you to get in some great training once you're back into it.

KLIM said...


Neal said...

In the same boat. Have an injury in my hamstring/glut area. Wednesday off, yesterday 2 miles, today off, probably 30 mins tomorrow if it feels better, otherwise wait till Sunday.

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