Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Right Leg Feels Mangled

I tweaked something in my right thigh yesterday or sometime on Monday. I felt the pain between runs yesterday, but it wasn't too severe. I thought it was just a minor Check Spellingmuscle pain, one of the dozens of pains us runners have on any given week. However, I woke up last night screaming when I turned my leg the wrong way while sleeping. I naturally nixed my morning run and will likely take the entire day off. I want to beat this thing quickly...though I am not sure what "this thing" is. Maybe YOU do?

I massaged and iced it all morning, but in doing so, I think inflamed the pain/issue. I should have simply iced it and left it alone, but I was trying to pinpoint the problem. The pain is centered along the tendon of my right inner thigh and/or the muscle that supports/is below this tendon. The crux of the pain occurs when I try and lift my right foot and hold it on my left knee (like in a relaxed pose). Any ideas?


Peter said...

Might be the Sartorius, Pectineus, Gracillis. Look at the diagram on this link.

KLIM said...

Thanks. I looked at that and will look at it again. The pain seems to be retreating likely do to the rest.

JARRIN said...

RICE it...and Vitamin I (Ibuprofen) works very well to ease the inflammation. And this one's key:


Don't know why, but seven seems to be the magic number for me (may not be for you).

Good luck,