Sunday, July 5, 2009

Half a Report

I’ve been running at odd times; just getting out whenever I have a chance.

On Friday morning I woke up early and sailed to Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard (reportedly where the president will be staying later this summer). It was very foggy at times and we relied on radar to ensure we weren’t crushed by a giant tanker or smashed into the side of another vessel. I was posted on the bow where I scanned the seas for the ever threatening lobster pot (they get snarled in the motor) and other hazards. Eventually the morning sun burned the haze away and the Vineyard appeared before us. When I arrived I took the dingy into the pier and headed out for a run. It was high noon and the sun was beginning to feel warm. I ran from Oak Bluffs to Vineyard Haven along sandy, sunny roads. To my right was a giant cliff that looked out over Vineyard Sound. It’s a beautiful site. I made my way down to the drawbridge and ran past bumper to bumper traffic. Tourists and locals were all heading to the beach. Apparently it was the nicest day to date. I took it easy and finished the day with 9 miles…then I had myself a nap.

After a good sail home on Saturday morning, I got out and ran a patriotic 10 at 2pm. Again, the sun was a blazin’ and again I took it very easy. I wore a white cap and sunglasses and tried my best to stay in the shade. I always feel miserable running at weird times (like 2pm) and coupled with hot weather can make for a sucky run. I doused my head under a pump-action water faucet in a graveyard around 30 minutes in and then trekked back home. Later I indulged in food and drink while watching fireworks on the boat.

Sunday and Monday reports to come...

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