Thursday, June 4, 2009

What the...

After another terrible day at work, I went out to the Capital Crescent Trail and on a whim decided to run a workout (sorry PR - I lied both to you and myself!). I decided to run 2 x 2-mile at half marathon pace. Really, I just wanted to get my run over with and get out of Dodge. I ran my first 2 miles in 10:22 then ran a mile and a half before running back up the CCT. I labored north and began to huff and puff like a big bad wolf. I felt like a chain smoker, but why? I finished up in 10:45. This wasn't meant to be much of a workout, but I did want to remind my legs what pace was like. Obviously, it wasn't all out, but still I should be able to run workouts like this comfortably. A month ago while totally conscious and lucid running down Broad Street in Philly, I felt as if I could run 5:20s until the cows came home. This certainly didn't seem the case today.

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PR said...

Don't worry about it...sometimes you just have to roll with it.

I saw that you had an "angry post-shitty-day-at-work" 10 miler the other day also. Those runs are the best after awful days at work because you can just hammer and don't need to be as methodical as a normal workout. Plus, they make you feel better.

As for this run, it was your first workout in weeks, and don't forget that the CCT definitely isn't flat. Average the two efforts together and you'll get a better idea of what you "really" ran.