Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moving On

"If you do not have that almost constant feeling of dissatisfaction with everything, recognizing that no sooner is one pinnacle achieved, one goal realized, success may well elude you"

- Percy Cerrutty, coach of famed Australian miler Herb Elliot

I've taken 3 days (including today) completely off. The only running I've done is to catch a flashing red pedestrian walk light. It made me smile. Often taking just one day off will get me fired up for the following days run, but I've felt nothing like that yet. Though, I know that feeling will come. My spring season is likely over and it's time to look forward, to even bigger/better things. I am in the best shape of my life and I believe I can get even better after a summer of slow, build-up miles. I will (again) focus on the short races early and gradually race my way up to the half marathon distance. I'll try to run some good 13.1-pace workouts on the Canal as often as I can, hopefully with a bunch of the guys. I'll run about one race a month to simply keep sharp, though I won't be in my best form...

July - MCRRC mile race, Rockville Twilighter (5)

August - Falmouth Road Race (7 miles)

September - Kentlands 5K

I'd like to dip under 69 minutes for 13.1 at the Philly Distance Run in late September and attack the 51:00 barrier at Army Ten Miler (arguably a tougher course than Broad Street) in early October.

Then there is Steamtown
. The Steamtown Marathon, on October 11, fits nicely on my fall schedule, but I need to see how summer training goes before committing - if I can afford that luxury. If I decide to do Steamtown, I will be all in. I've been humbled by both my marathon attempts thus far and I won't be humbled again.


RM said...

uh-oh, Steamtown! I may be running that as well. I'll run behind you for 26.2 miles just to make sure your form is good. But I'll probably be too far back to really see it.

Scott said...

Steamtown?! What happened to the long term plan? I actually really liked that post and was sort of following it myself. Don't tell me you are going to ixnay ethay onglay ermtay anplay because you got impatient. One more year and you can master the 10 miler and half marathon distance. Just sounds too rushed. Take your time.

KLIM said...

Scott - this is a big question mark. You might be right. I might be getting greedy/impatient. I think my long term plan is sound, but perhaps I can add a marathon into the mix while continuing the long-term strategy? Again, this is very tentative. The big picture plan remains largely the same.

Steve J. said...

If you're looking for a place to fly Steamtown is certainly the place to do it!