Monday, May 11, 2009


It was nice for most of the day. The temps were decent and I even saw the sun once or twice. I got home, laced up my shoes on my balcony and heard a drip...then a drip, drip, drip...then a huge gust of wind. I couldn't feel the wind gust, but I could hear it. It was somewhere way up in the heavens. Dark clouds began to move. I cursed then grabbed a baseball cap and headed outside.

Within 5 minutes I was soaked to the bone. The rain today was wetter than normal...if that makes sense? Nope, probably not. I kept the pace quasi hot and never ran slower than 6:25 miles. The Rock Creek Park trail was covered in puddles and I saw hardly anyone. At first it was miserable but by the end I was "having fun". I ran 7.

I intend to run only 50-60 this week. I'll then build back up from there and get to 70 mpw by the week of June 1. The real build-up will begin again there. The goal is to get up to 90 again and stay for for an extended period of time.

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