Friday, May 22, 2009

Adventure Run at Fletchers

On Thursday, I ran down to Fletcher's Boat House and explored the trails just north of the landing (see my post on Sunday). At first it seemed as if the trails might be promising...but soon they got too hairy and the green of the spring overtook the foot path. At times I couldn't see my feet and I feared that there were devilish snakes slithering about somewhere below. I was horrified at the amounts of trash down there. Fisherman and crazy people simply leave all their beer cans and Styrofoam containers on the river bank. It was disgusting and sad. park police should storm down there and roll some heads. It also smelled horrific. There must have been something dead in the snake grass to my left or right, though I didn't stop to look. I also think I met that guy "Crazy Eddie" (see post from Sunday). As I was running back to the Towpath I heard a man rambling to himself and then came across someone I might have seen before on America's Most Wanted. He said something about Adolf Hitler and then screamed in my face...then he continued down the path shouting to himself and everyone else who might have been around. I love Fletcher's...f'ing love it. I will return next fall/winter once the trails are easier to run. 11.5 miles.

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RM said...

Saturday: while on a road (on my bike) somewhere in Pennsylvania, I see a black snake on the ground. It appears to be dead, after all, why would it just be chilling on the road, that's dangerous.

Get closer and it start wiggling around. It was more than alive and my friend swears that it jumped and hissed at him.