Monday, April 6, 2009

Regroup & Recovery

My legs felt like hamburger today. I don't think I got in a long enough cool down after the race. When I returned from the race I wanted to run a few more miles, but I was starving and decided to eat egg sandwiches and slurp down some freshly brewed coffee instead.

Today I met Bain and together we ran a pretty good 10 mile loop that hooked us through Rock Creek Park and back up through some trendy Chevy Chase neighborhoods. When we started out, my legs were extremely achy - like the feeling after a marathon. I've never felt like this after a 10 miler. As we progressed, they felt better and better. However, my sugars crashed again midway through the run...which they sometimes do when I run later than normal or don't eat enough during the day. I think this has more to do with the race yesterday.

I plan to build back up to 70-80 over the next two weeks before tapering for PEAK II in late April/early May. I am anxious/excited to hit the 10K in 3 weeks

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