Monday, April 27, 2009

Race Reports

I started writing race reports after my Army Ten Mile race in 2006. I did it at first for myself to record the moment and re-read down the road to see what I did right and what I did wrong as the race progressed. I then started to send it to the UMBC xc/track alumni list - the "Old Dawgs" as this was what the list was for (updating the alumni on your respective racing). Soon I started BCc-ing other running folks on the list.

Anyways, this morning I got a flurry of "don't be so hard on yourself" or "you can't argue with a PR" type e-mails. Everyone out there should know that I am not suicidal and I'm not weeping/drinking scotch on an edge of a balcony after a bad race. However, I DO like to be honest with myself and my performance. I ran very well at Cherry Blossom, Shamrock and USATFXC and I definitely noted that in those respective race reports ("race of my life" etc). It'd be pretty lame to only send out/report on good performances and not poor showings. Additionally, I like to be hard on myself when I don't live up to my personal expectations. My goal yesterday was to run 30:59 or up to 31:15. This seemed doable given the fact I ran so well on this course 2 years ago and based on how well I have been racing. I did not perform to my capability and therefor I should be held accountable for that. I noted how I went out pretty hard then fell asleep too often - yesterday, this was my curse.

Was this a terrible race - no. Was this a good race - no. Was this a bad race - I would say yes.

I understand one can't perform well at every race s/he runs. Of course. It does not work this way. You NEED bad races to run good races. Bad races are great things. They get you fired up to perform even better the next time. Broad Street is the next time.

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