Monday, April 13, 2009


I drove to Patapsco State Park with Chris Bain yesterday. It was nice to run somewhere different and somewhere I haven’t run since last fall. I use to run in Patapsco 2-3 times a week while at UMBC. I like to think I know that place like the back of my hand, but I am always discovering new trails. Negotiating the trails of Patapsco is unlike any running in the DC area. The closest that comes to mind is the Greenway Trail in Seneca.

We ran my “10.6 Mile Loop” until we hit the swinging bridge and then ran up to, and past, the remains of the fabled haunter house, before climbing brutal Ilchester Hill. We darted in and out of the power lines and soaked up some much needed sunshine. Occasionally we were engulfed in warm spring air and other times with a cold biting wind. Spring seems to be battling Old Man Winter for control of the valley. We ran past families taking Easter strolls and white tail deer bounding over hill and dale. Near the end of the run I saw about 1,000 turtles sunning themselves on a single log.

We finished up somewhere between 15-16 miles. My Achilles felt strained for most of the run. The pain would come and go and I especially noticed it on the uphills. I iced it after the run and will train by ear for the next couple of days. This is the 3rd time in the past 9 months my Achilles has flared. Typically a couple of days of rest or easy running is the appropriate anecdote.

On Saturday I ran 14ish from the Georgetown Store with the usual crew. I threw in a 3 mile tempo.


Peter said...

Ice, foam roller, Strassburg sock. Fight the problem with all available weapons.

Anonymous said...

Patapsco state park is a cruel initiation for many freshman UMBC runners - myself included.

KLIM said...

Yes it is anonymous, yes it is. Myself included too.