Thursday, April 16, 2009


As noted in my previous post, I took Monday off. It ended up being a good move. Usually an easy day (or simply a day off) can cure this nagging Achilles...or at least delay any further pain/damage.

On Tuesday I ran down to the Palisades Trail with Bain and further explored this mysterious greenway. Like Ponce de Leon and Balboa, Bain and I cut our way south until we reached a giant cliff. Since we were close to 40:00 in, we decided to turn our heads and move back north. I now have run this entire trail (I think), though not all in one run. Someday. Sigh.

On Wednesday I met Sam Blasiak at B-CC for a workout on a miserable rainy night that saw the mercury dip close to 40 degrees. My plan was to run 3x1600 (400 rest) at 4:59, :55 and then see what I could do. I am hoping to run as close to 5:00 pace as possible for next weekend's 10k. What followed was a disaster (picture reference). Sam took it out hard and after the first 400 (70) I settled into an easier pace. 4:51. Pretty fast. I noted out loud with a grin "must be the taper". The next 1600 was crap - 4:56. I started out on pace (goal was adjusted to run 4:51 again) but I quickly slowed down. My mind wandered. I thought about work, female foxes and about everything that wasn't running. When I did think about the workout I thought about it being over. I wasn't into it. Bullshit. I NEED to be in to it. This is what I do. My stomach was giving me trouble, my shorts felt too small, I was getting poured pet's heads were falling off (Dumb & Dumber reference)...none of this mattered. Get the workout done. Do it. I took a quick bathroom break then headed back to the track. Sam was already on his 3rd mile, so I ran down and tried to run in behind him. I started 50m back and by 100m looked down and noticed my shoelace untied. Great. I stopped and shuffle jogged back across the soggy infield to start again. By now I was feeling somewhat dejected but thought I'd rally on the last repeat. Not so the case. 4:57. My mind wandered and my splits were as even as a high school freshman's. We finished up with 4x200m strides. I felt as if I had no speed.

I do a great job getting mentally psyched up for every race I run, but not so much for workouts. I need to change this. I need to think about the workout more before going in and get mentally prepared. I can't be laissez faire and ho hum. Part of this stems from my fear and dislike of running workouts on the track. The track feels like an aquarium. I am looking forward to running some longer stuff on the roads/canal as the weather warms. When will the weather warm? 39 degrees and rain is miserable.

Achilles seems fine.

Mitten laid an egg.


PR said...

As I've also figured out this week, tapering can make you feel like crap. Don't listen to it.

To paraphrase CU coach Mark Wetmore, there is no magic in running.

Just like there are no "magic" races, there's no way your legs will "magically" lose fitness by backing off for a week. They're just growing pains.

RM said...

The zeppelin explosion occurred in Lakehurst, NJ, not far from where I live(d).

This extended winter is BS. It's been so cold and wet and miserable. I went 132 days without a day off and have taken two this week. Today appears to be nicer, and I know it's supposed to be warmer this weekend.

Of course, does us no good who are racing Boston, for which the temp drops to 40s. Bleh.

KLIM said...

Yes, the taper can make you feel like poo. But it seems to work. I do a lot of second guessing too and it doesn't "feel" right to not run as much as I had been doing. It's funny to read on so many blogs - everyone is bitching about the taper but we are all telling ourselves to trust it.

I was cursing a lot last night at the weather myself. Furious. I wanted to blame someone for my bad workout.

My grandmother heard the Hindenberg explode.