Monday, March 30, 2009

Zoo Loop

I awoke on Sunday after a wild Saturday night that included jazz, beer, dancing and Johnny Walker. Translation - Diego's send off party. I headed to "The Line" to meet the crew and we did a GRC Classic - the Zoo Loop. As is usual after such a night of wickedness and little sleep, I drifted in the back of the pack. I rallied after a *break* and hammered the hills before slowing up in the last two miles. This is the best I've felt after a Saturday race in awhile albeit the scotch sweat that formed on my brow. The weather warmed near the end of the run and most of us were running sans shirt. The clovers were spring green and the sun was finally felt like spring. 15 miles. I finished the week with lowest since Christmas. This better pay off!
Today I ran a comfortable 7 through the neighborhoods of Bethesda. I lived here for close to 7 years and have never run down any of these roads before. The smell of fresh mulch and BBQs made me hungry for warm weather.

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