Friday, March 13, 2009

A New Run

I took Thursday OFF! It was a prescribed rest day. It's my 4th day off this year.

Tonight, Bain and I rolled down the CCT (again) but we wanted to make things interesting. Instead of slugging back UP the trail, we decided to hook a right on the Towpath and follow that back to Md. Fearing we were getting in over our heads, we detoured across Lock 5 and MacArthur and wormed our way back up Mass Ave and some other neighborhood roads. It ended up being just about 12 miles.

Two days until the spring racing season OFFICIALLY kicks off for me! I'm excited to start tapering and racing.

Recently, on my walks home at night, I’ve spied the otters slithering through the inky darkness a la the Loch Ness Monster. None of the other commuters seem to ever see them, which leads me to question my sanity. Tonight I snuck up on them and they did tricks for me. They pop in and out of the water and chirp like mini-sea lions. I love these guys.

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