Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carry On

I am still tired but was better than yesterday. I trudged my way through 11 miles in the late afternoon. Since I am working from home (actually sans job at the moment) running is my only daily escape...so, I just wish I felt good doing it! If not feeling good, I wish the weather was at least nice and not borderline freezing.

I ran down to the Walter Reid Extension Trails and shuffled about along Rock Creek. I hope this "blah" feeling ends by tomorrow. I'd like to uptick (as Joe Biden would say) the mileage again and continue my surge...though a day off might be in order soon. One day at a time. The big test will be Saturday's 5k. Breaking 15:00 has always been a boyhood dream of mine. Fifteen years ago in a florescent lit room on my first day of cross country practice, my coach asked us to etch out our goals for the season...and in life. I am big into barriers and naturally just selected times like 14:59 (5k), 24:59 (5 miles) and 1:09:59 (half marathon). I still have this index card with the goal times on it somewhere. I'm amazed as a 14 year old I was able to pick such difficult marks to hit. Damn me!

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