Thursday, January 8, 2009

Water Running

I left work last night and began walking to the track. The weather was horrendous; upper 30s and pouring rain. I huddled under my umbrella and trudged my way over to the high school. Other GRCers were gathering inside and we contemplated our next move. We had a solid crowd, the largest in memory – Melissa, Nate, Lindsey, Reaves, Bain, Murphy, Sam and Diego. We decided the workout would go on but we’d nix our normal warm-up and instead head down and do it on the track.

After about a mile we were already to get going. Our clothes were already soaked and if we kept waiting we would probably freeze to death. The track was COVERED with rain water. Some areas had upwards of 3 inches. And the edge closest to the stands had about a half foot of water. The water was cold too. The goal was to run 10x600m w/200m rest @ 5k pace (approx 1:46 for me). Due to the circumstances this was going to be difficult. Instead of worrying, I ran by feel. I never checked my 600m splits so I am relying on Reaves’ watch. Together, along with track superstar Diego (3:47) and Sam (who is tough as nails), we gradually brought our times down. Our quartet worked well together and we traded the lead. I wanted to go hard on my 9th (I always try and hammer the second to last interval so that my legs feel extra tired on the last).

Splits: 1:53, 1:52, 1:52, 1:50, 1:50, 1:50, 1:51, 1:49, 1:45, 1:44 ~ average of 1:49

So, at the end of the day, I was about 1 second off per 200m. Considering the conditions (you should have seen the track- really!) this isn’t too bad. I definitely felt worked around rep number 7, but this is a good thing. After 2 repeats, we would rotate direction on the track (per my hip…plus I think others like changing this up).

I ran an easy 9 this morning along the Rock Creek Park trail and crossed paths with Bain. He was running to work. I feel tired but very strong. My quads have seemed to thin out and become more “tight” looking (a good thing). No hip pain, which is VERY good considering all the “tests” I’ve done to my legs in the last week; snow running, powder running, undulating terrain and a track workout. The absence of bathrooms along the Rock Creek Park trail is very annoying. I sent a letter of inquiry off to the MoCo parks Commission demanding an answer.

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bain said...

There's still a port-a-potty at Tilden Woods Park. I know it's not along RCP, but I have known you to run there on occasion in the AM.