Wednesday, January 21, 2009


After spending all morning shivering in a tunnel under the National Mall in 15 degree weather, I decided to run on a treadmill yesterday afternoon while watching the rest of the pomp and circumstance on television. God, I hate the treadmill. I ran 8 miles and kept the pace easy. It was the first time since the race that I felt relaxed in my cadence.

I decided to forgo a workout tonight and instead may run one on Friday. I still plan to double today and double again on Friday. Easy doubles. I may run 20 on Sunday. I am still deciding whether this is a smart idea. I want to incorporate 20 milers into my runs each season regardless of what I am training for. I’d like to hit (around) 90 miles this week and next, then download a week in preparation for the USATF XC 12k. 5k-specific workouts will start the week after the 12k. I can now report, unequivocally, that my plan is working:

1. slow build up of mileage
2. good workouts while not going into the tank
3. running the pace your legs want you to run. Some of my runs lately have been VERY slow and my legs seem to rejoice

In fact, I think everyone I am currently training with is silently getting faster and stronger. I say “silently” because there haven’t been many races and it’s hard to see (or hear) results without races. When the time comes I predict a surge of success.

It is still super cold here. The ducks in my pond are running out of open water; their circle is getting smaller and smaller. The ice creeps forward all around. They quack and need to constantly parade back and forth through the water in an effort to keep the water ice free. I kind of want the ice to win…just to see the look on their faces.

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