Monday, January 19, 2009

Long Weekend, Long Runs

On Sunday morning I met 8 other guys (and two girls) for a run at Riley’s Lock. The Potomac was iced over and, if we wanted to, we could have probably run across the river to Virginia. The pace started easy (6:50) but we quickly dipped into 6:30s and close to 6:00 once we got on the road. As we rounded back to the parking lot we had settled into a 6:10 pace. I did not want to run this fast just after a race, but when you put 9 post-collegians together on a long run this is bound to happen. In fact, I usually revel in it. Five of us continued the run and made our way down the towpath to Violettes (last name, not a color) Lock. I decided to shut it down with 10 minutes to go and shuffle jogged it in. My legs were cooked. Later in the day my hip began to ache. 82 miles for the week. Hold steady.

On MLK day, I met some GRCers down at The Line. I started with the group but after 3 miles decided to pull back. My legs were begging for an easy shake out run and I owed it to them. I eased up, let everyone go, nixed the hill section and ran 7+ pace on the way back to the Line. My hip ached in the beginning but felt much better at the end of the run. 11 for the day. I will probably take it easy tomorrow too and run in the afternoon (a faux day off).
The 4-day weekend continues tomorrow. The entire 3-state area seems to be shut down. Washington is Obama-crazy. Troops are pouring into the city, snipers are positioned on skyscrapers, streets are shut down, bridges closed and people are alive with patriotic zeal.

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