Monday, January 12, 2009

Holding the Line

This morning I met Bain on the Trolley Trail in North Bethesda. We ran some off road running and piddled around town…nothing too exciting, but it felt good to shake out the legs. I ended up running a bit more than I wanted to (10+ instead of an easy hour) but all is good.

I think I am running as much as I need to run. I’ve run 84 miles in the last 7 days which is definitely near the high end for me. I typically peak in the mid-90s when training for a marathon, so this should be sufficient for the time being. In a couple weeks, I will take a rest week and then try to continue on this path (70+ mpw). I have a feeling NEXT week could be busy due to an onslaught of travel/work so I will simply try to hold the line and do the best I can. I need only hold on now for 2 more months. Once the racing season starts and the warm weather dawns, running will take on a new meaning. The darkest hour is just before dawn; there will be some cold, tough days ahead. Traditionally, Maryland’s worst cold weather month is February. Thank God the sun is rising earlier and earlier every day.

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