Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Night Lights

I did an easy 4.5 this morning in anticipation for the workout later this evening. Nothing too exciting to report. I am supposed to be at 90 this week. The hip is okay; not ideal, but also not crippling. I am concerned that a Friday workout and a Sunday long run might irritate it so I will need to play things by ear. It is still very early in the season and I’ve got to last 3-4 more months. I’ve never liked running longer than 4 miles of speed on the track (excluding warm up and cool down) but I am trying to push myself to new (personal) limits.

1600/1200/800/800/3x400/800 start at 5k pace and try to run a "little" faster each rep. 400m rest after each repeat (with the exception for the first two 400m repeats)

2.5 mile w/u...1600 (4:50) - 1200 (3:38) - 800 (2:22) - 800 (2:23) - 3 x 400 (all @ 68) - 800 (2:12)....2.5 mile c/d....11 total, 15.5 for the day. Ran 100% of the w/o with Reaves.

I felt very good...strong and tough. I did the exact same workout almost 1 year ago to the day (1/25/08). The big news of the day last year was running the last 800 in 2:19, but yesterday I was able to hammer out a 2:12 (67/65). The 400s last year were 71s and the other 800s 2:25, but it was also indoors. I continue to run 1/2 my track workouts clockwise on the track and the other half the "regular" way. This takes some pressure off my hip. The weather was ideal (January standards) for a workout. I stripped down to t-shirt, shorts and gloves...I even ditched my hat. There was even a strange warm glob of air making its way around the back stretch of the track. The temp in this air mass must have been 60 degrees. I notice these "globs" a lot while running along creeks and rivers during spring and it was a bit weird to have one on a track.

Easy group run today and then will try for 20 on Sunday.

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