Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"You won't lose your arm"

The dog bite took a turn for the worse. Last night my wrist hurt so bad I couldn't fall asleep. I wiggled and wormed around in my bed as demons danced in my head. Joker faces, evil clowns and red devils circled in a merry-go-rounds laughing like ghouls. I finally passed out early this morning and opted to visit the ER when I awoke. Three nurses surrounded me and pumped me with shots and IVs. The head nurse said "good thing you came in when you did".

I now wear a splint on my right hand and an IV under my left elbow. I'm on some good drugs which will make for a "dry" Christmas. I have to go back to the ER tonight on Christmas Eve for another All should be good though. Worse case scenario is that I need to have an operation, but the nurse insisted "you won't lose your arm".

I tell you though, it is hard to do anything with one hand (especially your left hand). Putting on pants and even tying your shoes is a huge operation.

No running for me today...sorry Haille. I should be game for Christmas though.


Peter said...

Sorry to here that Fox. You ought to take care of that dog "old yellar style"

JARRIN said...

Jesus Klim - It got infected? How?


KLIM said...

It got infected b/c my dog dug his dirty dog teeth into my area where tendons/veins crisscross like a 4-way stop sign. The hand and wrist swelled all the way down to mid-arm.

I went back to the ER last night and the area had improved. I got another IV of antibiotics and went home. I am out of my splint today and in a "soft cast". No running though as the motion hurts my wrist. I might be able try running again tomorrow.

I am winning the war, but I don't want to shout "Mission Accomplished" too soon.

RM said...

"I tell you though, it is hard to do anything with one hand (especially your left hand)."

Ain't that the truth...