Friday, November 14, 2008

The Sick Fox

A cold is creeping in. It started in the throat. In an effort to combat it, I quickly overdosed on Vitamin C. But that didn't work. I wore a long sleeve shirt to bed and tried to sweat it out last no avail. This morning I layered up and slogged through a misty 7 miles. The limbs feel weak. The head is light. I am taking cold medicine and I am thirsty. Water...must drink more water.

I've started core exercises at night. I do them just before I jump into slumberland. I do sit-ups and push-ups...old school style; real meat and potatoes like. Per Towpath, I also began working with the "foam roller". It is a great tool and does a wonderful job massaging the legs...but it hurts like hell. My face is a distorted mess when I go through the routine. Last night I wept a single tear of blood. My muscles are tighter than piano wire and it's time to turn things around.


Peter said...

Make sure you go very slowly with the foam roll and take deep breaths.

Following your hell-freezes-over yoga endeavor, I have started going to a hot yoga place down in Cleveland park. It's kicking my butt in a good way, giving me a core workout and a good stretch session at the same time.

JARRIN said...

Don't fall too in love with my tootsie roll...I want it back soon.