Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Potential Energy

I awoke more sore today than I did yesterday. My entire body is tight from yoga. However, it's a "good" pain and it has had no impact on my training. I feel super strong.

Today was a "rest day" so I ran a very easy 6 miles. The weather was quite satisfactory being that it's almost a week into November. Fall is in full affect. The colors are out and wet leaves litter the sidewalks and streets.

I hit a 60+ mpw total in the last 7 days so I am slowly coming back...and while doing so I am erasing my hip pain. Today was the best day for my hip in at least 2 weeks. I'll continue on this trend and will take nothing for granted. No racing and no major hills for the time being. I believe I am in great shape right now but racing will have to wait. I've officially nixed Veteran's Day...actually it was nixed for me. I am leaving town Sunday on an epic 7 hour drive into Appalachia for a documentary and therefor was forced to drop the 10k. Usually I would have fought the boss and stayed at home to race, but I needed a second excuse to NOT race. This is all good in the long run. The Georgetown Running Company is putting together a solid team for the race. I wish I could be on the sidelines throwing out support, but will instead rely on text-message updates from those on location.

There is a cross country race NEXT weekend which I would like to do. It's whispering sweet nothings in my ear. I suppose I am a junky and this is my drug. It's hard to say "no" but I think running on sloped muddy ground while coming off a hip injury might send me back in time.

Keep patient then attack.

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Peter said...

I can't think of a worse course for a hip that is healing. Save yourself for February. We'll do some workouts there before the USATF XC.