Monday, November 3, 2008

The Comeback

I ran a mostly easy 11 with the GRC on Saturday. I kept the pace reserved until Rock Creek Park where I pushed the hills and trails back to Friendship Heights with GRC newcomer Alex Eversmere. It felt good to "open the valves" a little since I haven't done this in quite some time.

On Sunday I ran a very slow and easy 7.5 around Haines Point. I was there watching the team sweep the RUN GEEK RUN 8k. I wanted to get in another couple of miles but didn't want to start back up after standing around for 20 minutes during the award instead I opted out and drank some coffee instead.

This morning I ran a steady 10 and marvelled at the brilliant foliage. There is pep in my step. After the run while sipping morning joe while watching Morning Joe, I etched out my training strategy for success over the next couple months. It's now November and the slow, steady build up has begun. No hip pain. Press forward.

No otters to speak of!

TIEL TALK: Mitten, my cockatiel hen, laid an egg sometime yesterday. Mitten and Puddy have been as frisky as bunnies lately so I may soon be the proud owner of a few more cockatiel birds. More eggs will likely be laid in the coming days.

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Melissa said...

What's the egg situation today? Doyle was asking...