Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not Running

Since I am taking a short break from running I am a bit bored. Last night I watched my pet cockatiels for about four and a half hours before turning in for bed. They really didn't do much, but they were there in front of me and like I said, I was bored. Cockatiels are small desert parrots originally from the arid regions of Australia. They are larger than parakeets but smaller than Macaws...if that helps? Probably not...

Pudding (Puddy) is the cartoon-looking fool to the left. Mitten, my beloved hen, is smiling on the right. Puddy is trying to either get my attention or Mitten's attention. In this picture, neither of us gave him the time of day. Oh yeah, that golden babe in the background is my new bird - Buttercup. Buttercup is also a hen and an exotic one at that (i.e. - not dull and gray but rather a Marilyn Monroe-looking blond). Puddy, the only male in the flock, spends most of his day whistling at Mitten in a foolhardy attempt to "win her over". After almost two years of trying I am pleased to report his whistling has paid off. I came home the other day and found my two innocent birds mating (see YouTube video here )! Maybe we can all learn something from watching cockatiels? Next time you go to the bar, perhaps you should try whistling instead of pick-up lines!

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