Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I ran this morning with "Double C" or as everyone else in the world calls him - Christiam Camacho. Double C (pictured during one of his many "Pisco Sour Parties". He is to the right...I am the one with the circa 1957 hat) lives next door to me and is a reliable training partner. When I'd rather be in my warm bed staring at my eye lids, I know that CC will be outside waiting for me in the I've got to get up!

This morning at 7 we ran a steady 9 miles. 6:40 pace. It was chilly to start but the brisk pace warmed me up quite quickly. My hip was damn fine. Damn fine. I used the infamous "stick" last night to work out the kinks in my upper butt (CC - are you sure you want the stick back?). It does wonders. I think my pain is more muscle induced and less tendon/bone and therefor less severe. Of course I am no doctor, what do I know. I spin everything positively. Bottom line - I am better off today than I was yesterday. I am better off today than I was a month ago. I am not better off today than I was a week ago. More stick work tonight.

I am still on the fence. There is really NO reason for me to do this race so I probably shouldn't. It is now only 10 days a way. When I race I go "all in" whether it's in the middle of a mileage buildup or during a taper, I like to give it my all. I hate to race half ass. I've run this 10k the past two years and have gone way into the well both races. For some reason this "easy" course kills me. In 2006 (left) the weather was horrible. Driving rain, 30mph winds and temps in the low 40s/high 30s made for a miserable experience. I've been in some very cold situations in my life, but I almost went into hypothermia after that race. In 2007 (right) conditions were perfect but I was so broken from racing so hard that I contemplating quitting the sport. Seriously - I had never been in so much pain in my life. It's weird because the course is NOT at all hard. It was just one of those grueling race days we all inevitable have. As much as I this course breaks me, I would very much like to run it again.


Peter said...

I'll have to tell you my tips for dealing with high hamstring/hip/glute tightness and pain during the saturday run.

You are the one who told me about the "don't race until you are 90% healthy rule" so I see no reason for you to do vets if you are not ready. That being said, I hope you can run as it would be helpful for my strategy.

On saturday, I was thinking that we could go from the chevy chase store to the CCT to RCP and back some other route (western ave ?)

JARRIN said...

Don't run like an asshole.


KLIM said...

Mr. Path,

Your Saturday route seems just fine.