Monday, September 29, 2008

Out on the Hunt

Last Tuesday I took the day off from work and ventured to the Antietam Battlefield with a friend. It was a perfect fall day. As we hiked along Antietam creek, just up river from the famous Burnside Bridge, a member of my party spied what looked like a goat on the edge of a cornfield. Alas, it twas no goat, but a rare albino deer. Yes, a mostly white...white tailed deer. I took this quick picture and then ventured my way closer to take another...a better snapshot for the likes of National Geographic. I would return from Antietam a millionaire. However, as I snaked my way along the cornstalks and chiggers the deer snook away into the dense wood. I picked up my pace to a canter but, the deer had disappeared. He was gone. I returned home penniless...just as I had left.

The taper continues. Last week I rested up and got in a few decent runs but decided against a workout per my ongoing stomach issues. I seem to be on the mend but am still cautious. I have something, says the doctor. I will know more in the coming days. The hip is still brutal. Saturday was the worse day yet. On Sunday I ran 15 and the hip felt fine until I hit the hills half way through the run. The injury will have to wait one more week. Then it's rest. I still believe I am in the best shape of my life. I need only to prove it.


Peter said...

There used to be a herd of albino deer in the site slated for the DC mayor's mansion (adjacent to Glover Archibald) This 30 acre lot sat vacant for years and was incredible to explore. Unfortunately it has fallen prey to developers who are putting in a new subdivision.

KLIM said...

A "herd".

Towpath, you be trippin'!