Monday, September 15, 2008

The Final Push

I, like many runners, aim for a big race in both the spring and the fall - a race where I put everything I've got on the line. Actually I lied, I attempt TWO big races. This past spring, it was CHERRY BLOSSOM and, two weeks later, the BOSTON MARATHON. The former being my "B" race and the latter being my "A" race. After the Boston Marathon last April, I set my eyes on the flat, fast Philadelphia Distance Run (13.1) on September 21st and the Army Ten Miler on October 5th. The half marathon usually has 50 people under the 70 minute mark - my goal, while Army is closer to home (wake up in own bed) and one of my favorite race distances.

All spring, and all summer, I've been gearing up for these two races. Every time I go out running and every time I sit idle on my hands, I think about these two races. I'm going "all in" and I'll lay it all on the line. My general training strategy included the following:

1. APRIL/MAY easy running. Have fun with the "earned" time off.

2. MAY/JUNE race sparingly (once every 4 weeks or so) and begin to increase the mileage.

3. JULY - engage in some "fun" races in mid-summer when the weather is too hot to run well in distances over 5k. Also work on my raw speed (4:25 mile, 9:35 2 mile). At the same time begin longer long runs.

4. AUGUST - begin to "turn it on" and make waves in some shorter races (7 mile Falmouth Road Race - 36:44 and more recently a 15:14 PR for 5k). Helps gain confidence heading into the race season.

5. taper and begin "The Final Push".

"The Final Push" has begun. I took the weekend off and will run easy today, workout tomorrow and take a day off later this week. It's time to trust your fitness and listen to your body. Disregard the advice and counsel from others and do what YOU think is right during the final week. Get lots of sleep, run smart...and then pray.


JARRIN said...

Klim -

May your new blog help inspire mortals like me.


PR said...

Klim--a blog?! What happened to the leather-bound journal and quill pen?

As your photo suggests, hell has officially frozen over.

Peter said...

I saw this linked from the main blog and came here to post my thoughts but Reaves had already posted exactly what I was going to.

KLIM said...

I still have the leather bound journal and write my daily notes in there under the warm glow of candle light every evening...

This blog will attempt to illustrate the "macro" things happening in my training, while discussing other "stuff" as well.

RM said...

You should have a section dedicated to celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian.

hage said...

Red Fox indeed. Great photos and the text is full of insight, but what's with all the "quotes"? Are they meant to be "ironic"? Or is that just a UMES "thing"?
As for PDR, sounds as if you were right about your fitness and you just had a bad bowel day. I'm looking for a PR out of you at Army. Lotsaluck.

KLIM said...

The "quotes" are "unnecessary". But I "like" them anyway.